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Whats more secure for smartphone: fingerprint vs 6-digit code?

All of us have bank application on the smartphone. It is key and access to our money. When you open your bank app it lets you choose how you want to protect access to that app (and the money) - by using fingerprint or some 6-digit code. Also, access to entire phone may be protected by fingerprint or 6-digit code. In this article I will give you advice that will improve overall security of mobile banking.

I suggest you to use two layer security - fingerprint and 6 digit code. Let me explain why.

First, when you open your phone you should use fingerprint, because it is secure way and convenient way (convenience is important because we unlock our phones hundreds times per day!). The bank app should be protected by 6-digit code but not by fingerprint! Because it's another layer of security, it's less convenient, but bank app is not frequently used, right?

Why like this?

Because in usual condition attacker will not get access to your finger (to scan fingerprint) or to your mind (to get 6-digit code). You will simply say "no" to attacker. But we are talking about criminal cases, and in such cases situation becomes unnormal, sometimes you even have no chance to say "no".

Example. You felt with heart attack on the street, or somebody hit your head, or otherwise paralyzed you. In case if you have one layer protection - just fingerprint - attacker will just take your hand and unlock your phone and bank app without your permission. If you have two layer protection attacker will be able to unlock your phone only, but to access bank app (and your money) he still needs the code, which is in your mind and cannot be stolen or used without your permission.

For banks I would recommend to create option "password under pressure" as a third layer of security. In case of pressure person will be able to use "password under pressure" instead of regular password to notify bank that his account has been compromised or he is in danger.


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