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Close your web camera by sticky note

As you know, purpose of one of our products - "WIPE" is to delete computer garbage in many apps from many different manufacturers. When we add support for some app to "WIPE" we install it, use it, make some researches about that app. But sometimes our researches brings bad news. In short...

Some apps (especially free media apps) could use web camera of your computer to watch on you. And there is will be no indication that someone is really watching you at this moment. Some of apps make pictures of user who is sitting in front of computer, and we really don't know why they need your face. Some of apps make short video records... But in such case we know what they are trying to get from you. Have you seen many men and women on adult sites in front of their cams? Some of them even don't know that they posed for the web.

When we find such app, of cause, we report it to authorities. But usually this does not help at all. It will be hard to prove criminal activity and punish them, because they have special statement in their end user license agreement about using your web cam e.t.c. Nobody reads end user license agreement when installing software, right? In most cases, formally, YOU allow them to do watch on you.

I know that what I will say now sounds paranoid, but please, cover eye of web cam of your computer now! You will need just piece of usual sticky note made from paper. Please, do it now, this is important. Don't let anyone spy on you!


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