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Why is "super-app" is a pain?

What is "super-app"?

First, let me explain what does it mean "super-app"? Its a software that have side features, that no related directly to main purpose of the program. In real life the best example is a cinema, where they cross-selling pop-corn as an additional feature. The same for software - if the main purpose of software is antivirus, they will add (for example) some screenshot maker function, and sell them together. Yes, additional feature is relevant to main purpose, but not really necessary.


Before releasing our products we have conducted few studies to understand what is pros and cons about "super-app", should we do the same? Lets speak about negative sides.

1. Negative user opinion about interface of the program. 57% of users feel confusion about overloaded interface with too many tabs, features, and included "mini-apps". Remember, we are talking about not very advanced users (mostly: newbies), and that's just a mess for them that they afraid even to touch.

2. Very important - 61% of users does not know exactly what other features or included "mini-apps" can do. In general, they said: "that's good to have some additional function, I'm not sure what it does, but may be I will need it one day". To be honest, this mean that user will never use that function. Human psychology orders to get more, even if you don't need it.

3. Programming. More code - more bugs. "Super-apps" are usually very heavy, eat a lot of system resources and crash more often.

Is there pros?

Yes, of cause. Around 9% of advanced users will use additional features provided by "super-apps". But it's just 9%, for other users these extra features useless and wasting system resources, as I said above.

More than 80% of users proud to have very-very functional app, even if they don't know the purpose of that additional features (and don't use them). This is good for sales and promotion, for company, but not for user.

And, for sure, "super-app" attract buyers attention, because it looks like have more functionality than others. We see sales of "super-apps" approximately 10% higher than "apps for one purpose". Again, this is more important for business, not for you.

What is our decision?

We have decided to create our apps as "app for one purpose". In short, one app - one goal. But we must do it the best, better than anyone else. Make it high-quality product. With clean and human friendly interface.

Probably, we will loose some advanced users that needs tonnes of questionable features, but we will attract even more people who like simplicity achieving the same results.

Yuri S.
Team of developers


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