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Windows system restore function is near to useless

As you know, Windows system restore function can help you in case of computer crash by restoring Windows settings and registry. This sounds good, but lets check if this really to what you need?

And what you really need?

You need your personal files, like photos, videos and business documents! This is what you really need to protect! Does Windows system restore function can help you with that? No, it will not backup your files at all (may be some of them, but not all)! Just technical settings and registry.

To protect your personal and business files you will need some cloud solution like OneDrive or Google Disk. These apps will keep copy of your data online and you will be protected from local crash.

System restore can only recover Windows OS in case of failure, but... pss... you can reset (re-install) your Windows OS - which is almost the same, and sometimes, with less issues! So, why you need system restore function which will use system resources and disk space? You can disable this function.

But wait, in some cases Windows system restore can really help to quickly solve some small problem, so we advice you to disable it only if in recent 1-2 years you didn't used it.


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