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What is drive letter? Which drive letter should I choose?

When you connect secret disk to Windows OS you will need to specify drive letter. Our app will provide you the list of available drive letters, so you can choose any letter for you secret disk. Which one to choose - it's up to you, depends on your personal preference only, and from technical point of view Windows OS does not care which one you will choose.

Drive letter (name of disk) - it is a english letter from A to Z assigned to any disk on your PC. Every disk has its own drive letter, and one letter cannot be used for more than one disk at the same time. In addition to drive letter each disk has a label - any user specified text, just for convenience.

Sample of drive letters with disk labels provided on screenshot below. You can see there 3 disks with drive letters C, X and D. Drives C and X has no user specified labels, that's why they have just simple text "Local Disk".

When the disk formatted or connected to your PC you can assign any drive letter to it, or Windows OS will do it for you automatically. Sometimes, if Windows chooses drive letter for the same disk it could be different every time.

Usually, system disk has drive letter C:

Some drive letters may be unavailable due to the technical limitations.

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