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Secret Disk

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Wrong PIN, what to do next?

First, make sure you are not typing password for secret disk instead of PIN code! These are different things - PIN code and the password.

If you forgot your PIN code it could be easily recovered. Just click the link below PIN field: "I forgot" and we will email you new PIN code.

Please note that every time you click that link the old PIN code deactivated and only the new one will be accepted. In other words, valid will be the last PIN code that we will send you.

What if I did not receive an email with a new PIN code?

Unfortunately, sometimes, this could happen. There are two reasons: you have entered wrong email during setup (made a typo) or your email service blocks our messages as spam (check spam folder). In such case you can contact us and we can clarify if this is a typo in your address or delivery problem.

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★ What to do in case I forgot my password?
★ What's the difference between PIN code and the password?
★ Is it possible to change location of secret disk from the system partition to another?
★ Explanation of options available for each secret disk
★ Explanation of common Settings

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