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Secret Disk

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Explanation of options available for each secret disk

When you will connect any of your secret disks the following options will be available to you (see screenshot below). In this article we will explain functionality of some of them.

Master password
In two fields below words "Master password" type the password and repeat it to confirm. This password will be asked each time when you will connect the disk to Windows OS. This field is optional.

Connect disk on Windows OS startup
Self-explanatory option: on boot of Windows OS our app will connect the disk to the system (asking password, if needed).

Choose recently used drive letter
Application can remember recently used drive letter and fill it for you every time, so you don't have to choose it from drop-down list.

Open disk in Explorer upon connecting
Upon connecting the disk our application can open it in the Windows Explorer automatically.

Create shortcut on the Desktop
For quick access we can create shortcut on your Desktop which will give you access to connect or disconnect the disk without opening Secret Disk application.

Erase contents after 5 attempts with wrong password
If this option enabled after 5 unsuccessful attempt to enter the password all contents of selected secret disk will be deleted. Use with caution! No warnings displayed!

Send me email if wrong password typed
Additional security measure - if you will enabled this option a message will be sent to your email address if someone types wrong password. Note that if this option enabled you will need activate internet connection to open or close secret disk (even with correct password).

Password under pressure
If this option enabled you can provide a special password in the field below it, and confirm the same special password in a second field. If you will type this password instead of the real one (master password), then our app will open empty disk for you. Your files won't be deleted, just the disk will look empty. If you disconnect the disk and connect it with real password - you will see all your files there.

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