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Secret Disk

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Explanation of common Settings

Below is a screenshot of common preferences for entire application. In this article we will explain functionality of every checkbox.

Dont ask PIN code within 3 minutes since recent login
If you will enable this option the program will remember PIN code for next 3 minutes since recent successful login. And if you will restart an app you don't have to fill PIN code again during period of 3 minuetes. In some cases it's very convenient, if you use application interface very often.

Disable PIN
You can completely disable PIN code on the program startup. In this case anyone who have access to your computer will be able to view configuration of your secret disk. But they still need to know password to unlock any secret disk of yours.

Automatically close notification windows
When you will connect or disconnect secret disk you will see a new window with progress bar. Sometimes, you will fill your password in that window. After operation completes (disk connected or disconnected) that window can go away automatically in a few seconds. This option was made for convenience.

User hardware acceleration
Normally to connect or disconnect secret disk application needs around 20-30 seconds to process all operations. If you will enable hardware acceleration disk will be connected or disconnected within just 1 second. Application will use additional hardware resources to improve speed of operation. Within one second usage of resources may strike a little bit higher than average, but this is not critical at all.

Show only one disk on the main screen
By default application has 5 secret disks for you. But to avoid mess on the screen you can hide 4 of them. This option related to the interface only, it just hides 4 disks from the interface, it does not remove them or do anything else.

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