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How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10?

You can easily disable Windows 10 updates without any software cracks or without any additional software! Just turn on option in the Control Panel that you are on "metered internet connection" (we'll explain more details below) and that's all. Then, your Windows will not check for updates to protect you from "unexpected" charges on your bill.

What does it mean "metered internet connection"?

This function has been made to prevent travelers paying huge bills for internet roaming. When you are abroad internet prices become very high for every megabyte you spent. Microsoft made this option to help people avoid unexpected bills while traveling. What it gives to us? If you'll enable this option ("metered internet connection") Windows OS will stop background downloads to help protect your bandwidth. Other apps are working fine, because this feature is for Windows OS only.

What is the result?

Windows OS will stop downloading updates automatically, and, as a result stop installing them. You can still check for updates manually (and install them), using Control Panel.


No, everything will work as usual. You can play with this option (turn it on and off) to see the difference and compatibility with your other apps.

How to do it? Step by step tutorial.

First, open Control Panel

Then, navigate to section: Network & Internet

Then select Ethernet (or Dial-up or VPN, depends on your internet connection type) and then click it's name

Click the switch to change status of the connection (on/off)

Thats all. From now on Windows OS will not use that connection for downloading updates (and installing them).

Good luck!


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