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02 February 2024: New deletion system

Auto exclude (explanation of the function)

In the program Preferences you can find the following function which is shown on the screenshot below. This article will explain how it works and why you may need it.

Some applications are running on your computer all the time, for example, drivers for keyboard, mouse or display. Or even antivirus. These apps can create garbage files, and while they are running these files are locked, and nobody can delete them. In such case you will see message that there were issues during cleanup. These are not real problems, its just for your information that there is some file which is located. Mostly, this is for advanced users.

What to do?

Usually, you will need just ignore such locked files, because they are technical modules of running apps and (anyway) we can do nothing about that. And this function will help you to do that. It will automatically add problem files to the exclusion list. You wont see any notification about running files that cannot be deleted right now.

However, some files may be unlocked after a while and we made second checkbox (option) for you to reset list of exclusions every month. Don't worry, if the file still busy it will be added to the exclusion list again, but it's good to make sure again.

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