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Auto deselect (explanation of the function)

In the program Preferences you can find the following function which is shown on the screenshot below. This article will explain how it works and why you may need it.

Every zone (checkbox) which our application can clear have statistics of deleted data. In total our database contains more than 2500 zones. Thus, processing could take some time. To speed up processing time we can automatically disable zones (checkboxes) that where nothing deleted for specified period of time.

Why nothing deleted in some zone?

Because of your inactivity or feature change. For example, if you don't use some feature in some application - less garbage will be created, thus, some zones may remain empty. Or in a new version of some application some feature disabled or changed and no longer creates garbage on your PC.

We track statistics for every zone, and if for a specified period of time it was empty - our app will disable that checkbox, will skip cleaning in that zone. This will fantastically reduce overall processing time.

But this is not forever. Our app will wait for another period of time (also specified by user) and will enable that checkbox again to check if there is any garbage.

If our app will not discover any garbage in that zone, on the next day, that checkbox will be deselected again, repeating this cycle again and again.

In other words, if user have some unused checkboxes where nothing deleted within 45 days (for example) - they will be deselected. After 60 days they will be selected again to make sure that there are still no garbage. And if it's true, on the next day checkbox deselected again and another 60 days cycle starts.

The link at the bottom of the screenshot lets you reset all previously deselected checkboxes to their defaults. In other words, it will reset this function.

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