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Secret Disk

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21 September 2023: Interface and functionality improvements

What's the difference between PIN code and the password?

Note that our program have two levels of security:

1. PIN code for application
2. Password for secret disk

What's the difference?

It's not the same, it's a different things, each one protects its own area:

PIN code is used to protect access to the program only - to launch our app you will need to enter PIN code. This function helps prevent others to see listing of your secret disks and general preferences of an app. You can disable PIN code in the Preferences, this is optional.

A password will be required to open secret disk, to get access to files located on it. Password is unique and separate for each disk. Password for secret disk also can be disabled in Preferences, this is also optional.

Warning: user can proceed to password protection screen without opening application, thus without verification of PIN code!

What if I forgot PIN or password?

PIN: You can recover PIN code using the link on the login screen.
PASSWORD: You cannot recover password for secret disks, there is no such function.

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