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14 November 2021: Improvements related to security and stability

List of changes in previous versions

2020, September 23 • Secure Delete 2020.01

New functions and interface improvements

This is a new great release of our tiny app that includes many new and useful features. Below is a full list of changes.

- Added new option to choose number of passes to overwrite content of deleted files. Usually 1 pass is enough, 3 is for strong security, 7 is for maximum. Some paranoic people choose 30 passes, but this is useless, we think. So, this setting allows you to choose your level of security.
- Added new option to turn off "typing effect" which you see in the title bar while the program loading or changing scenes. You can find this option by clicking system menu icon on the top right side of the program's window, then click menu option "About the app". This option can improve performance of slow computers or you can turn it off if you simply don't like it.
- Improved design of the user interface - we have removed "Settings" screen and moved all options from it to other places of the program. This makes more convenient access to all necessary options.
- Improved design of the user interface on some windows by re-arranging controls.
- Improved notification period for messages about upgrading to Professional version. Previously, reminder window appeared every time. Now, it will appear once per 3 days, and only for days when you have used this software. This is very good news for users who wants to keep using our software for free.
- Improved english translations.
- Improved system menu (right top corner of an app window). Added few new options: language switcher and "About" window with general information about the app.
- Improved programming code in the few main functions for better performance.

List of changes in previous versions

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