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08 January 2021: Everything is new, from app core to plugins - over 2300 zones

List of changes in previous versions

17 Jan 2020 • Wipe 2020.02

Fixed few bugs and added new areas for cleanup

This update includes few bug fixes which we catch during this week and few improvements, check them out:

- Added garbage deletion in Windows Feedback Hub app
- Added garbage deletion in Windows Weather app
- Added garbage deletion in Windows Start Menu Host app
- Added garbage deletion in Windows News app

- Fixed critical error which resulted in program crash when the folder path was longer that the maximum limit set by Windows OS. This sad issue appeared when cleaning old (cache) folder of Windows OS, and it is now fixed.
- Fixed sad bug which displayed double quotes on the main screen. Who knows how it gets ther, but it wont appear anymore.

List of changes in previous versions

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