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27 August 2020: Added 2 great functions and many small improvements

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27 Aug 2020 • Prevent Restore 2020.03

Added 2 great functions and many small improvements

Great additions to our software today! There are two huge improvements - we have added support for FAT disks and an option to choose number of passes to overwrite free disk space.

- Added new function - you can select number of passes to overwrite free disk space. The more you choose the more security you will get, but don't be paranoid. Usually, it's enough 1 pass, however, for standard security level 3 is good. For maximum security 7 is recommended. But you can go ahead and try any number. Note that each overwrite pass increases time which is needed for processing.
- Added support for the following disk formats: FAT, FAT32 and exFAT. These are usually formats of external storage, such as USB flash drive, thus, you can wipe these disks too from now on.
- Added link with important information about processing system disks. Please, click it and read.
- Improved english translations.
- Improved system menu (right top corner of an app window). Added few new options: language switcher and "About" window with general information about the app.
- Improved welcome screen - language switcher moved to another place, and the screen is now very simple and friendly.

- Fixed bug that shows an error message when the processing actually was fine.

List of changes in previous versions

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