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08 January 2021: Everything is new, from app core to plugins

List of changes in previous versions

3 Mar 2020 • Wipe 2020.06

Many bug fixes and cleaning improvements

This release fixes many bugs and adds several improvements to the cleaning procedures. The most important changes we are preparing for the next update (we will improve speed of cleaning and add more browsers for cleanup).

- Added message that asking user if he/she would like to run the software with administrative priveleges. This message appears only once. You can switch this option in the Settings area of the software at anytime later.
- Added cleaning of Yandex browser. We found that this browser collects more tracks and garbage on your PC even more than original Chrome.
- Added cleaning of garbage files "Reporting and NEL" in Chrome browser and in all other Chromium-based browsers (including Microsoft Edge).
- Added cleaning of Microsoft Edge Backups folder (previous version of Edge, which is not based on Chromium).
- Improved procedure when you click any links inside the software (added Microsoft Edge Chromium).
- Improved procedure to track errors in our software. This change will help us catch and fix few bugs that were already reported by our users, but we have not yet catched them.
- Improved translation and interface texts in few places.
- Improved uninstall procedure, now preventing errors when the main app was running during uninstall.

- Fixed issue when the installation script restarts the software when it should just simply close it.
- Fixed issue when the user tries to install older version over the newer one. This is no longer allowed. However, if you need to install older version you must uninstall newer version first, and then, install older version (make a clean install).
- Fixed issue when launcher window was too big.
- Fixed bug when instead of the software name you can see: "no title".
- Fixed bug when newly added software appear in a notification message even if they are not installed on your PC.

List of changes in previous versions

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