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08 January 2021: Everything is new, from app core to plugins

List of changes in previous versions

13 Mar 2020 • Wipe 2020.07

Bug fixes and interface improvements

- Added link to delete all garbage in a single application with one click. You will not need to click every single item.
- Added list of supported apps (see Preferences). You can now disable any app from appearing in the list for cleaning. Such apps wont appear in the list and wont be ever cleaned. This will help you manage cleaning list if its too big for you.
- Added support for cleaning garbage in Waterfox browser, its a first browser based on FireFox core and we will add more browsers based on FireFox with the next updates.
- Improved interface for each supported application.
- Improved automatic translations, aproximately 70 phrases has been updated.
- Improved cleaning and calculation speed. We have removed "processing" image in the navigation menu. This is temporary, we will replace it by more informative element of the interface.

- Fixed bug that can automatically install old version instead of newer (in case if you manually re-install the software and have older setup pending).
- Fixed issue when our app crashes when some important files are missing. Now we inform user about missing files and close our app gently.
- Removed icon "new" which appeared in front of new functions. Even if it was good idea we don't like the way it looks like. We will replace it with something else in the future versions.

List of changes in previous versions

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