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02 March 2021: Three new functions and almost 300 new zones for cleanup

List of changes in previous versions

2020, May 5 • Wipe 2020.11

Added new function, Interface improvement and new areas for cleanup

This release adds new function, improves user interface and adds more areas for cleanup. Also, we made many changes in the code to improve perfomance of the program.

- Added new function: areas where are amount of garbage is over zero will be now highlighted by red marker (see left part of navigation panel).
- Added new function: Interesting stats. This is individual (per computer) anonymous (!!!) statistics. You can see details about deleted garbage in a convenient form and graphs. This option will appear on all computers, however, it will not be available to all users today, just to some of you. This function still needs a lot of programming. Check back later if you dont have it working yet.
- Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache and other garbage in the following apps: browsers Opera and Slimjet, Netflix app.
- Improved storage for images of the interface, they are now saved without encryption. This will improve perfomance (application startup time).
- Improved interface of common dialog boxes.
- Improved interface of window used for activation of software.
- Improved error reporting system.
- Improved all connections to our server will be processed via secure connection (SSL).

- Removed several scripts related to data analysys, thus, software will work a little bit faster.

List of changes in previous versions

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