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12 May 2021: Bug fixes, minor improvements and new zones for cleanup

List of changes in previous versions

2020, May 20 • Wipe 2020.12

Introducing new great function and new areas for cleanup

As usually, this update includes great new function, many bug fixes and we have added even more areas for cleanup!

- Added new function: all newly supported apps will be marked by green image "new", thus you can easily find them in the list.
- Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache, logs and other garbage for the following apps: Content Delivery Manager, DB Browser for SQLite, FileZilla, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Office Hub, Microsoft Your Phone.
- Added new area (you will see new checkbox) for cleaning in Windows: D3DSCache.
- Added link to report any issues.
- Improved interesting statistics. We have added this function in recent release and link to it is available on the main screen of our application.
- Improved cleaning in all metro apps (added more areas in various logs section).
- Improved temporary storage, we no longer using system's temp folder, instead of it we have our own, which have less campatibility problems and security issues.

- Fixed small issue with OneNote and Ookla Speed Test.
- Fixed several small, but annoying bugs.
- Fixed issue when the app image during cleanup was bigger that it should be.
- Fixed issue when you see "update" notification on Windows OS startup, even when you have newest version installed.
- Fixed issue with "permission denied" error when third-party security software blocks access for our app.

List of changes in previous versions

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