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February 2013: What's new?

28 February 2013

Below is the summary of the most important changes in February 2013

• Our web site now fully encrypted via SSL. All your visits to our web site are fully anonymous and encrypted! Nobody know that you with us.
• By the way, we made completely new web site.
• We made system for translation. Volunteers can help us translate our programs.
• All programs has been updated. All links inside the software has been corrected to work with our new web site.
• Translation for all languages in the programs was corrected.
• Policy change. We cancelled rule "one purchase is just for one version". Now, with one purchase you can use any version of the software. Unlimited updates.
• Registration of the program was renamed, now it is called "PRO version".
• You will no longer need to have an activation key to activate the software. You will need to use number of your purchase to activate the software. One number for all software, it is more convenient.
• You can use your email address to activate any program.
• You can now leave review about any of our program and leave ratings. It will be published on our web site.
• New options for purchase. Now you can purchase PRO version for 3, 4 and even 5 years! It's much cheaper.
• PayPal and Yandex.Money integration is fully automatic.
• Now, all our newsletter emails have convenient unsubscription link at the bottom of the email.

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