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Priority support for PRO customers

26 April 2013

Every day our customers support department receives many messages from people with different questions. And just one person of many of these people purchased PRO version, the others use the software for free. Today we made new option for paid customers, who own PRO version: priority support. Priority support included for free with any purchase of PRO version, including past purchases.

If you bought PRO version, and if you will contact us at our web site, your message will go to top of the queue instantly. Thus, average response waiting time for paid customers (PRO owners) reduces from 8 hours to 10-50 minutes. Cool, isn't it? Note that this is only during working hours.

Those who choose to use our software for free should not worry - we don't have too much PRO customers, thus one person ahead won't make any difference in waiting time for you.

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