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Discount system and few other updates

11 November 2013

During this weekend our web site got few updates:
• We have launched discount system! This is the most major change! We will provide you with discount coupons now to reduce prices for our software. All customers with expired purchases should already receive discount coupon by email. And we're looking for another ways to spread discount coupons!
• Our developers found a problem when activation of PRO status may be rejected. We're sorry for that, but the problem has been corrected now.
• We just removed payment method: YandexMoney. We no longer accept this type of electronic money. That's because it was used very rarely and we decided to remove it to minimize options on the payment page (to preventing confusions).
• We have added new headline with recent news to the main page of our web site, thus you will be able to read the most recent news and jump to the article directly from the main page. Within next week our news section will be re-designed to provide you maximum information about any events.
• Every product on our site received new page - "History of changes". You can now browse history of previous versions on a separate page. That's was made to minimize information on the download page (where it was previously).

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