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We pay you 40% - 70%

We have few FREE programs. This make them very attractive to customers, because they are free of charge. But our clients have an option to convert free program into PRO version for a small fee to get more functions. Structure of the prices and policy is here.

In our affiliate program we pay you 40% - 70% per sale. You start at 40% level. When you reach every 500 program installations, the payout percentage rises for 1% more. For example, if you have 1523 installations, your payout percentage will be 43%, and more and more.

We will pay you once per week, minimum payout amount is $20.

You will get personal support via Skype or online chat.

We have great statistics which will show you how many installations of our programs, uninstallations, hits in the shopping cart, details of the purchases and more.

Every second customer returns to purchase our software again when his license expire after year, two or more. We will pay you for these purchases too (tracking by email address, and other ways).

But wait... As you may be know, one of our programs are intended to remove cookie-files. Thus, sales tracking by old-fashioned way (using cookie-files) not very reliable. But, there is better and more reliable solution!

We will provide you with your unique setup file of our programs. It will contain your tracking code, which will be saved into users PC, to the registry. Even if cookies will be removed, we will be able to track your sale. Thus, we still use cookie-files plus tracking code inserted into program. That's twice reliable than competitors!

We will provide you unique PAD XML file, if you know what is it.

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