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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I see error. What should I do?

First, try to re-install Microsoft .Net framework. These are system files, sometimes they may be corrupted and other programs on your computer will have problems, including ours. You can download this framework from Microsoft's site.

Why secret disk version 1 does not work with Windows 10?

Secret disk version 1 was released many years ago, while Windows 10 wasn't released yet. We have stopped support for version 1 few years ago, because we have newer version 2 and then we released version 3, which is available at our web site. Version 3 works fine with Windows 10. We're sorry, version 1 does not support Windows 10, and we don't provide support for it anymore.

Why the program can't connect to the internet?

Try to disable firewall or antivirus. Sometimes they act very paranoic and block even usual connections.

Where I can download PRO version?

We have no separate download of PRO version. You can convert basic version of the software into PRO version. Thus, basic version will get more new functions immediately. Just enter your order number into registration form which is located in the basic version of the software.

Where is my activation key?

We don't use activation keys anymore. You will need just to know your order number to activate PRO version of the software. Order number will arrive to you by email, upon completing your purchase.

I forgot my password for secret disk. What should I do?

Sorry, we can't help. We don't know your password. If you forgot your password - there is no chance to recover your data.

I got error message

Please make a screenshot of the error message. Or send us complete text of the error message.

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