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Privacy Policy

If you're using our products for free we do not collect any personal information about you. If you will purchase PRO version of our products or subscribe to our newsletter, then, you will provide us (by your own good will) some personal information, like name, email address, phone number e.t.c. We will not share this information with anyone. Your personal information will be used for processing your purchases only or for newsletter subscription, and will not be used in any other way. We respect your privacy. Any personal information saved on our secure server.

Our site and our programs may collect technical and non-personal information about computer which you use. This is required for us to create the best programs for you depending on your system. This information is basic technical information, many software companies collect it, for example: screen resolution, version of OS, language used, type of keyboard and so on. Impossible to identify you personally by using this information - it's completely technical and common data.

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