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Secret Disk

Attention! Here you can publish your opinion about Secret Disk. Our support department does NOT monitor this forum. If you want contact support please click here. We reserve the right to delete messages with offensive content, with contact details or those which is not related to Secret Disk.

Recent users reviews

27 December 2017
Still cannot choose where to create the Secret Disc. Default is c:\ and that is usually too small.
Need to be able to choose the partition or an external drive.

1 January 2017
My c drive is not the place to put the Secret disk,
I would like to be able to choose the disk it should take the space from.

11 August 2015
My C: drive is an SSD & I also have a 2TB regular HD which I use for data, & this is where I would like to keep my secret disks.
Once there's an option to use a second HD then this program will become much more useful to me. It's a fine program but needs more options.

2 January 2014
Updates can be a leak in privacity because everybody that uses computer knows you are using a hider. I sugest send it by e-mail and not automatic messages. Also you guys need a way to hide it on the list of programs on start menu.

28 July 2013
My full review in Polish:

5 March 2013
This is an excellent program to hide/ keep safe your data from others. The best thing is when locked, you dont see its HDD mention on My computer.
My concern is its name which appear on Program list. The name Secret Disk attracts the person who wants to explore your computer in your absence. If this name Secret Disk appears on program list in some other name or other way, will be very good. Although I have changed the name on my program list myself by using rename. Is this legal by the software developers?
1, As desired by many other people, if the Secret folder can be created on some other drive instead of 'C' like D, will be more usful because if the operating software goes corrupt, you have to format the C and reinstall OS. In that case you will also loose all your important data you hide from others eye keeping it in Secret Disk.
If some thing can be done in this direction will be more useful.
Ashok Chadha

1 March 2013
Could not say which drive to say to. Maybe I overlooked something, but it was not easy enough to allow me to tell the program which drive to save to.

24 February 2013
This is important.. ! no option where you put your secret disk.. drive c is the default save.. but if this drive is full ? and you have other drive that is empty? see?

22 February 2013
yeah, it would be better if theres a option install secret in another drive (except C:)

11 February 2013
My problem is .. i cant select which disk on my computer that "Secret Disk" will use because my "Local disk C:" has a very low memory. and what i want to use is my "Local Disk D:" which have more memory slot. Thats all .. every things going fine .. . I hope you will improve my concern. God Blees you guys :D

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