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Comparison of free and paid version Secret Disk PRO

Feature   Free version Version PRO
Amount of hidden databases
Our program let you create not one, but several secret disks.
  1 20
Maximum size of hidden database
You can choose size of your secret disks.
  2 Gb Unlimited
Create virtual disk for database
Your secret disk will appear as any other disk in Windows. No need to format your hard drive, your secret disk completely virtual.
You can choose disk letter
For your convenience we made that you can choose it.
Optional password protection
You can protect disk with a password or you can leave it without it.
Power failure
Your secret disks will be automatically hidden during reboot or shutdown (including power failure).
Auto hiding of disks
Your secret disks can automatically disappear if launched screensaver, or you logoff Windows.
Open disk on startup
Any of your secret disks may be automatically opened on Windows startup.
You can turn off PIN
Access to the program also protected with PIN code, and we provide an option to disable it.
System tray agent
You will get system tray agent for convenient access to all functions of the program.
Password under pressure
Security option. If used, it opens empty disk (instead of real one) in case someone push you to open it.
Quick help
Priority support during working hours by e-mail
Disable updates
You can disable automatic search and notification about new version

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