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History of changes Secret Disk

Changes in version 5.02 ...

This update brings two important new features:
• Introducing new feature: hardware acceleration! You can now choose to increase the speed which is used to open or close secret disk by using hardware acceleration. In our tests the time reduced from 10 seconds to just 1 or even less. We have tested this on several hundreds computers of beta users and they confirm fantastic increase of speed. This feature will be available to PRO users only.
• New code signing certificate added because the old one is going to expire soon. This is technical, routine procedure, but this is related to security, so its very important. If you will not update secret disk to this version, then, after expiration of an old certificate, probably, you wont be able to use the secret disk.
• Date of release: 4 December 2019.

Changes in version 5.01 ...

This release fixes some bugs which were found in previous version and we have added one convenient function (button).
• As you know, previously, we have added an option to choose color of the interface. Some of you were confused choosing from millions of colors, and, as a result they made their program look ugly. With this release we are adding third button to the preferences of the program which will allow you to reset color settings to their defaults. If you don't like you choice of color just click Reset button and everything will be back to normal.
• Fixed several bugs reported by our users, thank you!

Changes in version 5.00 ...

This update includes just few changes and one new function, however, this is a huge change, take a look:
• Improved design, more intuitive for Windows 10.
• New feature: you can change color of text and background (see preferences area). This option gives you a chance to customize design of the program.
• Option to turn off password is now free and available to all users.
• Date of release: 31 May 2019.

Changes in version 4.08 ...

This release of the program has been dedicated to fix some issues with the code. Now few more error messages go away forever. Thank you for your feedback!
• Fixed issue with the program crash on some Windows 7 even with correct password.
• Fixed issue when the user saw blank window after entering correct password for the secret disk.
• Fixed issue with incorrect text of the message in the program window.
• Added flow control to prevent hung up of the program in case of running antivirus.
• Program codes were re-compiled and re-signed to improve security.
• Date of release: 24 February 2019.

Changes in version 4.07 ...

• Updated german translations, many thanks to our volunteers!
• Error reporting has been disabled, the program will now not report any error to our server. This will protect your privacy and reduce amount of system resources required for the program.
• Some visual improvements in the user interface.
• Interval of notification about new version has been changed. Previously it was once per 30 days, now it is once per 6 month. Less annoying messages for you.
• Date of release: 22 November 2018.

Changes in version 4.06 ...

• This update dedicated to revision of the code. This is security measure (we do it on a regular basis) to make sure that the program meets today's industry standards and guidelines. Also, the security code signing certificate has been updated. There were no general changes to the interface or functionality (except few small bug fixes), but we confirm that the program still in good shape and up to date.
• Date of release: 25 August 2018.

Changes in version 4.05 ...

• This update makes some changes to our program to be GDPR compliant. As you are probably aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on May 25th, 2018. Our company is committed to transparency, control and accountability. We have been working on GDPR during this month and we can guarantee that on May 25th we will be fully GDPR compliant. Our focus is to whilst adhering to the latest changes and updates to the industry and to EU regulations. What is GDPR Compliance? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide regulation for the protection of European citizens’ data that comes into force on May 25th, 2018 and all companies that collect such data will need to comply with it. It establishes a set of compliance and security processes around managing personally identifiable information so that it is not misused.
• Date of release: 23 May 2018.

Changes in version 4.04 ...

• Security improved: the program has been signed by new code signing certificate.
• Fixed bug that prevented virtual disk from resuming from stand by mode.
• Improved updates notification.
• Small visual bug fixes.
• Date of release: 1 March 2018.

Changes in version 4.03 ...

• Minor bug fix: main window can disappear after entering correct password. This problem has been fixed.
• Date of release: 21 December 2017.

Changes in version 4.02 ...

• This update includes several changes needed for big changes in the nearest future. As we have told you before, we're almost ready to launch completely new version of all our products, completely rewritten from scratch. But still there is some things to do, so we're preparing codes in the programs for upcoming updates.
• Minor change in the user interface.
• Date of release: 8 November 2017.

Changes in version 4.01 ...

This version brings minor bug fixes and improvements to the code. May be you will not notice difference, but for us it was very important. Changes are:
• Fixed bug when attempting access external library.
• Improved new version notification (updates).
• Date of release: 30 August 2017.

Changes in version 4.00 ...

Meet great visual changes! New design is here!
• The main change in this release is a new design! We made some cleaning in the interface of the program. Now it looks better. Please send us your comments and suggestions using feedback form at our web site.
• Now you can add your own images for disks, instead of standard. Just select any PNG image and it will be applied to the disk. Size of the image should be 90x90, but other dimensions are also fine.
• Date of release: 16 June 2017.

Changes in version 3.17 ...

• This is critical security patch. You must install it.
• Date of release: 8 April 2017.

Changes in version 3.15 ...

This release dedicated to resolving some technical issues.
• Fixed problem when the selected last disk unavailable and the program crashes after selection.
• If you'll get error about corrupted Microsoft .Net Framework, you will be forwarded to Microsoft's web site to download it. This will fix a lot issues with this framework which sometimes occurs on your computer.
• Date of release: 30 March 2017.

Changes in version 3.14 ...

• This release includes only one change but this is very important change - an updated security certificate. Current certificate will expire in March, thus we have decided to release this update early so you wont be locked in March by the Windows security system.
• Date of release: 4 February 2017.

Changes in version 3.12 ...

• Improved stability of the visual interface: fixed bug with extra large fonts which some users can see on some computers.
• Date of release: 23 November 2016.

Changes in version 3.09 ...

• This is critical update! After recent update of Windows 10 many users can't open their secret disks. Don't worry, your files are intact. This issue has been fixed, and you should now download and install new version of secret disk to prevent this problem and access your secret files.
• Date of release: 3 October 2016.

Changes in version 3.08 ...

• In this release we made very big step ahead for quality. Our program will now track any possible error which may appear in our product and report it to us. Just think: you saw some error message, and usually you can do nothing about this, but... in the background... in a few seconds our engineers will receive alert about this error. And we will start working to find a reason of the error, and find a solution. We hope this new functionality will reduce number of problems with our products, and minimize error messages, make our software high-quality not just in words. This function does not require any additional actions on your side, and there is no settings at all.
• Date of release: 18 September 2016.

Changes in version 3.07 ...

• In this release we have refreshed look and style of the program. All controls remain on the same place, but we have changed background and color of the buttons. Now the program looks fresh, without grand changes which may confuse many of you. Please let us know do you like it or not?
• Date of release: 5 August 2016.

Changes in version 3.06 ...

• Recover PIN code by email! Yes, today we're adding the most important function which was asked by our users. From now on you can recover PIN code for the program by email in case you forgot it. This function provided for free, and doesn't require PRO version. This function is optional and you can ignore it. Email address which is set for PIN recovery may be added or modified in the settings area. Please note that this function does not related to the password of your secret disk, only PIN code for the program.
• Date of release: 20 June 2016.

Changes in version 3.05 ...

• In recent release of our program 2 month ago we start using native Windows API to create secret disk. This should extend support for 64 bit Windows versions. However, on some PC this option wasn't so good as should be (the nature of Windows OS, no comments!). So we decided to make a small option in the program settings so you can switch from native Windows API's to our own API's, in case you have some problems with virtual disk. Check the settings. Please play with this option only if you have some problems. Many of you will find this solution extremely helpful.
• Date of release: 15 May 2016.

Changes in version 3.04 ...

• This update fixes some issues for modern Windows OS versions and 64 bit systems. We have added native communication between secret disk and the Windows OS file system using native API's. Now, the program will work directly with Windows OS, not using our API's. However, if these native API's will be unavailable, then the program will switch to our old API's. This solution will help solve some bugs with Windows 10, and also help get stability on 64 bit systems.
• Date of release: 19 March 2016.

Changes in version 3.03 ...

• Added polish language, thanks to our volunteer!
• Added new code signing certificate, according new standard of Microsoft (sha256). The setup file also updated.
• Date of release: 16 February 2016.

Changes in version 3.02 ...

• With this last release in 2015 year we would like to make operation which is very important for security. On a regular basis we update security certificates for all our programs, including secret disk. This is made because any certificate may be compromised during a time, but by re-creation of certificate will change the crypto-chain, making completely new crypto key. And this will make all hacking attempts useless, they should start over again from scratch. This is not required, but we care about privacy and security a little bit more than should be. We hope you enjoy.
• Date of release: 29 December 2015.

Changes in version 3.01 ...

• We solved one critical problem: on some computers (mostly old systems) you can see empty secret disk after entering correct password. After a while, next time, your disk appears correctly. This problem was related to the Windows emulation service, and it is now has been repaired. We're sorry for inconvenience. All your files were not deleted, this problem was related just to appearance of the secret disk, but was not related to the content. Now everything works fine.
• Date of release: 28 October 2015.

Changes in version 3.00 ...

• Today we made big change for secret disk: this program got new look and style. You will see less colors, and design similar to OS Windows 10. But don't worry, we leave untouched all benefits of the program. Please, tell us your opinion.
• Date of release: 2 September 2015.

Changes in version 2.20 ...

• Updated: code signing certificate. We have need to update certificate for this program for security purposes. This update recommended to install for everyone.
• Date of release: 15 August 2015.

Changes in version 2.19 ...

• We have corrected mistakes in the interface translation for spanish language. Thanks to Mr. Christian, he was so kind and made correction for free, as volunteer. However, we're sorry - we still don't have spanish translator in our staff, thus many our message still written using Google automatic translator. Including this text ;)
• We also have updated code signing certificate.
• Date of release: 8 July 2015.

Changes in version 2.18 ...

• Extra free disk space! We've doubled disk size! We just increased free space in the free version of the Secret Disk. Starting version 2.18 you'll have not 5, but 10 Gigabytes of disk space for your secret files.
• Date of release: 3 June 2015.

Changes in version 2.17 ...

• Removed bug related to appearence of tray agent.
• Date of release: 19 April 2015.

Changes in version 2.16 ...

• Added new function (free): you can lock your computer in case someone have typed wrong PIN or password. If this option enabled, Windows OS will be locked (standard way) and user will be required to enter his password for Windows OS. This function added for extra security against unauthorized access. Your account in Windows OS should be protected with a password or this function will not work.
• Date of release: 25 February 2015.

Changes in version 2.15 ...

• Added new function: F12 hot key. If you use tray icon for secret disk (tray-agent) you can notice new option in the menu. This option will allow you to turn on and to turn off hotkey F12. With this option enabled you can press F12 button on your keyboard to hide all open disks immediately. This is emergency function, which enhances security of the program, you can use it for quick access to the secret disk.
• Date of release: 2 January 2015.

Changes in version 2.14 ...

• We made changes in authentication procedure, background process now works faster than usual.
• Bug fix: on some computers with few processors and a lot of memory the correct PIN code sometimes wasn't accepted, but this problem now has been resolved.
• Calculation of disk space was revised, it is now work faster that previously.
• Other small bug fixes and improvements.
• Date of release: 15 November 2014.

Changes in version 2.13 ...

• New feature: now you can see size of files! Secret disk will show you amount of disk space which is used for secret files. This data available on the main program screen and on each screen of each your disk. By the way, to protect your privacy you can disable this option. Also note that data is not realtime, the program calculates disk space during closing disk, thus, it is refreshed only when you'll close the disk. This feature provided completely for free, recommended for installation for everyone.
• Date of release: 21 September 2014.

Changes in version 2.12 ...

• Procedures related to installation, update and removal have been completely updated. We have new design for these procedures, as well as new functionality.
• User can now choose creation of shortcut on the Desktop during installation.
• During installation you can install (or update) several our programs at once with one click.
• Fixed bug: sometimes, PRO status of the program deleted in case you connect external disk. This bug was fixed.
• Folder name improved. You can easily find our program in program files.
• Removed hindi, greek and chinese interface translation.
• You can now turn off automatic updates.
• You can now skip notification about certain new version. You will get notification about next available version.
• For PRO owners: after program update the activation may be deleted on some computers. You will need to re-activate PRO version, don't worry it's free.
• Date of release: 1 August 2014.

Changes in version 2.11 ...

• Added new function: the program can now alert you if someone tried to access to your secret disk with the wrong password or used the wrong PIN code. This function doesn't require paid subscription for version PRO, you can use it completely for free. Example: someone typed the wrong PIN code or wrong password to your secret disk. And, sure, he/she not get access to your secret files. But, when you will open your secret disk with a correct password, then you will see a message and details (including date and time) about unsuccessful attempts. This is a good function to see if someone spying on you or not. However, you can disable this function in the settings of the program. But by default it is turned on.
• Date of release: 15 July 2014.

Changes in version 2.10 ...

• Password under pressure. Today we have added new function which will increase security: password under pressure. It's a second password which you can specify for every disk. Purpose: if someone require you to enter your password under pressure, for example threatening you with a gun, then you just type this password and our program will open folder "My Documents" instead of real secret disk. And the attacker will be sure that you've typed correct password. Thus, he will not find anything and will cease to threaten you. If you entered password under pressure then the link to change password or delete it will be unavailable.
• Date of release: 22 May 2014.

Changes in version 2.09 ...

• Added new function: you can disable PIN code of the program. From now on, you can disable PIN code which is used to access the program interface. We got many emails from our customers which requested to create this function. We hear you. We made it today. PIN code is used to protect access only to the program, but secret disks have their own separate passwords. Thus, in some cases, it's safe to disable PIN code for convenience.
• Date of release: 11 April 2014.

Changes in version 2.08 ...

• Program interface was simplified, but all functions remain the same. Earlier, the program window was separated into two parts: top and bottom. And everything what user do with the program was in the bottom part of the window. The top part always showed hidden repositories with files. Now top part appears only on welcome screen, you can return to it at anytime. But now, all operations with secret disk may be done without this screen. This makes interface of secret disk more clean.
• PIN code not displayed during setup.
• Date of release: 10 March 2014.

Changes in version 2.07 ...

• This update includes changes for translation of the program interface. This is related to script which is responsible for the program installation and update: french translation was corrected by human, we also added polish and hungarian translation of the program interface.
• Date of release: 8 January 2014.

Changes in version 2.06 ...

• Today we made thing, which was missing in the Secret Disk's program interface for a long time - an indication if disk protected with password or not. Before this time you only can see status of the disk - open or closed (a yellow lock image). Today you will also see small image of password field (on the left from yellow lock) which will have asterisk if the disk have a password, and empty if don't have.
• Another big addition: added danish and ukranian translation of the program interface. Thanks our volunteer!
• Removed link from the main program screen which is asking you to help us with translations. We'll not waste your attention for this thing.
• Minimum password length now only 1 character, not few, which was before. Have fun! There is also two other programming code changes to give good experience to users when using passwords.
• The program includes application installer version 1.22 which also have few improvements, but major is: we no longer create link in the program menu which is asking you to help us with translation.
• Date of release: 13 November 2013.

Changes in version 2.05 ...

• This release of the program contains improvement related to additional program services, such as automatic updates, newsletter subscription and PRO version reminder. Previously, all these services executing on your PC very often - on a daily basis. Sometimes you saw these reminders very often... And it was a little annoying, right?. We decided to expand intervals of all these actions, to not to disturb you too often.
• For example, automatic update check was every day, which is really not neccessary, and we changed this interval to once per 21 days. But you can always run update check manually, from the menu.
• Removed popup window about newsletter subscription, which appeared after program installation. Now it will appear no more than once per month, if you're not subscribed.
• Removed few more other service offers and some other popup windows.
• Fixed bug: installer program was unable to download new version of itself.
• Date of release: 11 October 2013.

Changes in version 2.04 ...

• Updated italian translation.
• Updated russian translation.
• Updated german translation.
• All updated translations was made by humans, and it is not machine translation anymore. Thank you very much! We look for other people who can help us translate the program interface to another languages.
• Also, we made some changes in the installation interface, to make it more friendly.
• Date of release: 4 July 2013.

Changes in version 2.03 ...

• We updated spanish translation of program interface. Now, translation was made by real human, not by Google machine. Very big thanks to our volunteer who helped us! We continue look for volunteers who will help us correct translation to another languages.
• Date of release: 20 May 2013.

Changes in version 2.02 ...

• NEW FUNCTION: PIN. Program interface has been protected with PIN code. PIN code is a 4 digit number which you can select and modify. It protects the program interface only, not secret disk. For secret disk you will need to choose another more reliable password. Now, no one will be able to get access to the program interface without correct PIN.
• Small fixes.
• New program icon in the main window and in the tray agent.
• Date of release: 25 April 2013.

Changes in version 2.01 ...

• Fixed problem with Windows alerts that always ask user permission to run the program

Changes in version 2.00 ...

• Policy changed. We cancelled rule "one purchase is just for one version". Now, with one purchase you can use any version of the software. Unlimited updates.
• All links inside the software has been corrected to work with our new web site.
• Registration was replaced, now it is called "PRO version".
• You will no longer need to have an activation key to activate the software. You will need to use number of your purchase to activate the software. One number for all software, it is more convenient.
• Translation for all languages was corrected to meet all changes.
• Fixed some bugs
• Improved program icon
• Improved setup procedure

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