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Secret Disk
What's new in version 2.05?

• This release of the program contains improvement related to additional program services, such as automatic updates, newsletter subscription and PRO version reminder. Previously, all these services executing on your PC very often - on a daily basis. Sometimes you saw these reminders very often... And it was a little annoying, right?. We decided to expand intervals of all these actions, to not to disturb you too often.
• For example, automatic update check was every day, which is really not neccessary, and we changed this interval to once per 21 days. But you can always run update check manually, from the menu.
• Removed popup window about newsletter subscription, which appeared after program installation. Now it will appear no more than once per month, if you're not subscribed.
• Removed few more other service offers and some other popup windows.
• Fixed bug: installer program was unable to download new version of itself.
• Date of release: 11 October 2013.

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