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Secret Disk
What's new in version 2.06?

• Today we made thing, which was missing in the Secret Disk's program interface for a long time - an indication if disk protected with password or not. Before this time you only can see status of the disk - open or closed (a yellow lock image). Today you will also see small image of password field (on the left from yellow lock) which will have asterisk if the disk have a password, and empty if don't have.
• Another big addition: added danish and ukranian translation of the program interface. Thanks our volunteer!
• Removed link from the main program screen which is asking you to help us with translations. We'll not waste your attention for this thing.
• Minimum password length now only 1 character, not few, which was before. Have fun! There is also two other programming code changes to give good experience to users when using passwords.
• The program includes application installer version 1.22 which also have few improvements, but major is: we no longer create link in the program menu which is asking you to help us with translation.
• Date of release: 13 November 2013.

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