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History of changes Prevent Restore

Changes in version 4.28 ...

This update of the program dedicated to bug fixes. Within past month our users reported several situations which resulted in program crushes or errors. Some of these problems has been investigated and solved. Please accept our apologies, and thank you for your help! Without you it was impossible!
We also made some changes that you will like, for sure.
• Notification about new version will appear less often. Previously it disturbs you once per month, now the period is 6 months. Less annoying alerts!
• Fixed few bugs reported by our users in past month.
• Disabled error reporting, our company will no longer receive any crash reports from the program. This will reduce amount of system resources needed for our program to work.
• Date of release: 20 January 2019.

Changes in version 4.27 ...

• Design improvements. We have added 3 new color schemes to the interface of the program: red brick, black and white and green. Just click button "Change color scheme" several times and you will see new each time.
• Increased interval period for advertisement of new version. Now you will get notification about new version less often: not once per month, but once per two months. Less annoying notifications.
• Date of release: 22 October 2018.

Changes in version 4.26 ...

• Notification about new version will appear less often. Should not disturb you too much.
• Security improved: the program has been signed by new code signing certificate.
• This update makes some changes to our program to be GDPR compliant. As you are probably aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25th, 2018. Our company is committed to transparency, control and accountability. We have been working on GDPR during this month and we can guarantee that on May 25th we are fully GDPR compliant. Our focus is to whilst adhering to the latest changes and updates to the industry and to EU regulations. What is GDPR Compliance? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide regulation for the protection of European citizens data that comes into force on May 25th, 2018 and all companies that collect such data will need to comply with it. It establishes a set of compliance and security processes around managing personally identifiable information so that it is not misused.
• Few bugs were fixed.
• Date of release: 20 July 2018.

Changes in version 4.25 ...

• This release dedicated to quality and stability. We spent many years working with programs that helps you protect privacy. But other guys, from Microsoft, also not sleeping. They release updates for Windows OS and sometimes they change a lot of things inside, which you don't see. Thus, we must work hard to track these changes. And if these changes making problems to our products we must update our code so everything will work fine as before. Thats why we release new version of our products on a regular basis. These updates contains small fixes related to updates of Windows OS, for quality and stability.
• Date of release: 23 April 2018.

Changes in version 4.24 ...

• Improved notification about available updates.
• Added new code signing certificate, because the old one has expired.
• Date of release: 21 February 2018.

Changes in version 4.23 ...

• Fixed critical bug in update checking procedure. We recommend this version for installation for everyone to be sure you will be able to receive updates in the future.
• Date of release: 4 September 2017.

Changes in version 4.22 ...

This release dedicated to fix technical issues with errors in the program.
• Fixed critical bug with incorrect value in the progress bar which results in fatal program crash.
• Correct notification if Microsoft .Net Framework was corrupted.
• Fixed invisible bug in our error reporting system. Till now some very small error reports was not passed to our system due to the misconfiguration. Thus we didn't knew that you got ome error. This problem has been fixed, and we will receive now details about even small errors which may happen with our products.
• Date of release: 27 May 2017.

Changes in version 4.21 ...

• This release includes only one change but this is very important change - an updated security certificate. Current code signing certificate will expire in March, thus we have decided to release this update early so you wont be locked in March by the Windows security system.
• Date of release: 12 February 2017.

Changes in version 4.19 ...

• This release fixes minor problem with the error message "ShellExecute" which may come during usage of the program. It's not critical error, however, it can crash the program. Recommended for install.
• Date of release: 12 November 2016.

Changes in version 4.18 ...

• In this release we made very big step ahead for quality. Our program will now track any possible error which may appear in our product and report it to us. Just think: you saw some error message, and usually you can do nothing about this, but... in the background... in a few seconds our engineers will receive alert about this error. And we will start working to find a reason of the error, and find a solution. We hope this new functionality will reduce number of problems with our products, and minimize error messages, make our software high-quality not just in words. This function does not require any additional actions on your side, and there is no settings at all for it. Just install this new version.
• Date of release: 13 September 2016.

Changes in version 4.17 ...

• This update includes bug fix related to the program interface.
• Date of release: 6 June 2016.

Changes in version 4.16 ...

• In this release we made light improvement to the source code related to the security. Due to the nature of the problem (security) we can't provide more details about it. Also, the program was signed by a new security certificate.
• Date of release: 18 April 2016.

Changes in version 4.15 ...

• In this update we have signed the program using new code signing certificate. Now all according new standard from Microsoft: SHA256, which requires all programs starting 2016 have the new (more secure) certificate. The old certificate still attached to the program, thus it can work on older versions of Windows OS.
• Date of release: 23 February 2016.

Changes in version 4.14 ...

• This release fixes bug which prevented high speed processing on some SSD disks. If you have SSD disk may be you have noticed that our program works even slower than on HDD disk. This happened not often, but sometimes. Now this problem has been fixed, and SSD disks processed very quickly (as it possible).
• Date of release: 15 January 2016.

Changes in version 4.13 ...

• Added two new security algorithm: Infosec Standard 5 and RCMP TSSIT OPS-II.
• Today we're releasing the most important update for this year for this program! We have increased security by adding two new algorithms to the program. The algorithms are: Infosec Standard 5 and RCMP TSSIT OPS-II. Users who use programs for security should know these names very well. These algorithms often used for data destruction. These algorithms will reach the same benefits as other algorithms which we already have in our program, but it will give you more comfort, more choices. Speed of the destruction process is almost the same, in general, you will not notice difference in time. Also, goal is the same. You can see these two new names in the drop down list with other security options. Enjoy!
• Date of release: 15 December 2015.

Changes in version 4.12 ...

1) Certificate of code was updated for extra security.
2) Date of release: 25 September 2015.

Changes in version 4.11 ...

• Updated security certificate. This update is recommended for all users, as it fix issue which may arise in the future.
• Date of release: 27 June 2015.

Changes in version 4.10 ...

• We were required to re-compile source code for PreventRestore program. This is not related to security, or stability. Now the program matches Windows interface standard requirements. Recommended to install.
• Date of release: 13 April 2015.

Changes in version 4.09 ...

• We made update of security certificate for this program. We recommend you to install this update to prevent any problems with security.
• Removed bug related to security of the program core.
• Date of release: 2 February 2015.

Changes in version 4.08 ...

• Added interface translation to polish language. We thank our volunteer who sent us this translation.
• Removed bug which is related to stability of start screen, when, sometimes, security algorithm returned to default.
• Date of release: 24 October 2014.

Changes in version 4.07 ...

• Procedures related to installation, update and removal have been completely updated. We have new design for these procedures, as well as new functionality.
• User can now choose creation of shortcut on the Desktop during installation.
• During installation you can install (or update) several our programs at once with one click.
• Fixed bug: sometimes, PRO status of the program deleted in case you connect external disk. This bug was fixed.
• Folder name improved. You can easily find our program in program files.
• Removed hindi, greek and chinese interface translation.
• You can now turn off automatic updates.
• You can now skip notification about certain new version. You will get notification about next available version.
• For PRO owners: after program update the activation may be deleted on some computers. You will need to re-activate PRO version, don't worry it's free.
• Date of release: 1 August 2014.

Changes in version 4.06 ...

• We made update of security certificate for this program. We recommend you to install this update to prevent any problems with security.
• Date of release: 16 June 2014.

Changes in version 4.05 ...

• Fixed error which displays a message that the program can't access to the root folder. This problem occurs with 2% of our users, but it is now corrected.
• We're starting to investigate issue with incorrect calculation of estimated time of work. This problem happens often with our users. For this purpose we have added temporary program code, which will help us investigate the problem. As soon as we will collect enough technical information we will be able to fix this issue. Thank you for your support.
• Date of release: 7 May 2014.

Changes in version 4.04 ...

• Program has been signed using new security certificate because the old certificate is going to expire soon. We strongly recommend to update the program, as this is very important security measure.
• Date of release: 18 March 2014.

Changes in version 4.03 ...

• Translation into French language has been improved.
• We will not create link in the program menu which is asking you to help us with translations.
• We have removed link from the main screen of the program which telling you about benefits of SSD disks. We hope that everyone understood the idea, and now the information is not neccessary.
• Added polish translation.
• Added danish translation.
• Added ukrainian translation.
• Date of release: 2 December 2013.

Changes in version 4.02 ...

• This release of the program contains improvement related to additional program services, such as automatic updates, newsletter subscription and PRO version reminder. Previously, all these services executing on your PC very often - on a daily basis. Sometimes you saw these reminders very often... And it was a little annoying, right?. We decided to expand intervals of all these actions, to not to disturb you too often.
• For example, automatic update check was every day, which is really not neccessary, and we changed this interval to once per 21 days. But you can always run update check manually, from the menu.
• Removed popup window about newsletter subscription, which appeared after program installation. Now it will appear no more than once per month, if you're not subscribed.
• Removed few more other service offers and some other popup windows.
• Fixed bug: installer program was unable to download new version of itself.
• Date of release: 11 October 2013.

Changes in version 4.01 ...

• Updated italian translation.
• Updated russian translation.
• Added link to increase disk speed in 10-20 times and make Windows faster 2-3 times.
• Log-file was improved: added date and time.
• Date of release: 6 August 2013.

Changes in version 4.00 ...

• Completely new program release.
• Interface has been completely changed.
• Code of the program has been completely rewritten.
• Fixed many old bugs.
• Improved cleaning speed.
• Improved cleaning quality.
• Added support for SSD disks.
• New icon of the program.
• New setup interface.
• Date of release: 9 May 2013.

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