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Prevent Restore
What's new in version 4.07?

• Procedures related to installation, update and removal have been completely updated. We have new design for these procedures, as well as new functionality.
• User can now choose creation of shortcut on the Desktop during installation.
• During installation you can install (or update) several our programs at once with one click.
• Fixed bug: sometimes, PRO status of the program deleted in case you connect external disk. This bug was fixed.
• Folder name improved. You can easily find our program in program files.
• Removed hindi, greek and chinese interface translation.
• You can now turn off automatic updates.
• You can now skip notification about certain new version. You will get notification about next available version.
• For PRO owners: after program update the activation may be deleted on some computers. You will need to re-activate PRO version, don't worry it's free.
• Date of release: 1 August 2014.

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