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Deletes gigabytes of garbage on the PC: cookies, history, cache, temp files, personal tracks and other

Release date12 May 2019
LicenseFree version or PRO version
Size0.84 - 2.92 Mb

RequirementWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
.NET framework 3.5

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What's new in version 17.35?

We were expected huge update from Mozilla Team, but they delayed it. We only got a minor update for Firefox, not the one that brings a big change. Anyway, as usual, we are checking and updating plugins for our program so it will support the most recent releases of all popular softwares which you may have installed on your computer.
• Added support for future version of browser Chrome 75
• Updated support for browser Adobe Flash Player
• Updated support for browser Yandex 19.4
• Updated support for browser FireFox 66
• Updated support for browser Vivaldi 2.5
• Updated support for browser Pale Moon 28.5
• Date of release: 12 May 2019.


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