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Deletes gigabytes of garbage on the PC: cookies, history, cache, temp files, personal tracks and other

Release date26 January 2020
LicenseFree version or PRO version
Size0.53 - 2.48 Mb

RequirementWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
.NET framework 3.5

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Benefits of version PRO

What's new in version 18.07?

Starting today we are introducing to you TWO NEW RELEASES of our program: WIPE. These releases are independent. The first one version is 18.07, an update to all previous versions (changes for this version are described below). And the second version is WIPE 2020 is a preview version of the future of our program. Version 2020 has been completely rewritten, it was made from scratch. And after a few months it will replace version 18. During installation of the current release 18.07 we will offer you link to the preview version 2020. Or you can download version 2020 from the home page at our web site. You can install both versions and use them together.
Below are the changes for version 18:
• Added support for new browser Yandex 20
• Added support for browser Comodo Dragon 79
• Added support for browser FireFox 73
• Added support for browser SlimJet 25
• Added support for browser Torch 69
• Also, the following apps received minot updates: Flash Player, Vivaldi browser, Palemoon browser.
• Date of release: 26 January 2020.


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