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Comparison of free and paid version Wipe PRO

Feature   Free version Version PRO
During cleanup our program creates several processes in computer memory, this makes the cleaning process much faster than our competitors.
Rename before delete
Program renames deleted files with random names to prevent recovery of the file name
Secure algorithms
By default all deleted files may be recovered. Secure algorithms will help you prevent this to happen. You can use different types of data deletion, such as: DDoD, Gutmann, Russian GOST and other.
Closing of unwanted programs
Our program can monitor PC all the time and close unwanted programs which you will specify if they'll start work
Management of cleaning list
You can hide any program from the cleaning list if you don't want to accidentally remove it
Know amount of garbage
The program will track amount of garbage on your PC and will notify you if exceeding specified amount
Tray icon for quick cleanup
System tray agent for convenient access to all functions of the program and quick cleanup
Custom items
You can choose any custom files or folders to remove during common cleanup process. With this option you can clean areas which is not supported by default.
Quick help
Priority support during working hours by e-mail
Disable updates
You can disable automatic search and notification about new version

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