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What's new in version 16.12?

• This update highly recommended for installation because it fixes critical bugs. Thanks to the new error reporting system we have found 3 big problems. We hope we have fixed them, lets try new version and we will see how it works!
• Fixed detection of updates of third-party programs. We have seen that on all computers sometimes WIPE failed to detect an update of some program. In other words, your browser updated to a new version and our program can't see it until next installation. This problem has been fixed now.
• Fixed "FromFile" error which is appear sometimes on some computers during startup of tray agent.
• Fixed "OnPaint" error which is appear sometimes on some computers after cleanup.
• Added support for browser Opera 41 (future version).
• Added support for browser Comodo Dragon 52 (current version).
• Added support for browser Yandex 16+ (current version).
• Date of release: 23 September 2016.

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