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What's new in version 18.00?

Congratulations with a very good news! A new version 18.00 is here! We have many changes which are related to design of the program and to it's interface. But the most important is that new design can be customized! And by default it's very friendly and intuitive for Windows 10 users. Here is the list of changes:
• New design of the program and new icon. We can say many good words about it, but its better take a look once. We call it "The Blue Style".
• You can choose the color of the program's interface. For example, if you dont like our favorite theme "The Blue Style", then you can pick any other color.
• Removed 40 old plugins for many old programs which are slowing down startup of our program. Anyway, they were too old, you dont have that apps anymore.
• Cleaned interface of the program, removed many useless information and controls.
• Added tooltips with the information about each checkbox in the list.
• Added support for browser Opera 61, future version.
• Added support for browser SlimJet 24, future version.
• Added support for browser FireFox 68, future version.
• Added support for browser Chrome 76, future version.
• Updated support for browser Opera 60, current version.
• Added support for browser Comodo Dragon 75, future version.
• Many other minor changes.
• Date of release: 12 June 2019.

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