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What's new in version 2013.72?

This is completely new release of "WIPE" program. It's a biggest update which we made within past 3 years. All program codes has been rewritten, program interface has been changed, applied new policies, many conceptual changes. Over 500 changes was made!
Here is some new features:
• New, clean and better interface.
• The program now uses multi-threading, it can delete few files at once. This increase speed of the program in several times!
• We made great improvement for error tracking. Now we know which error you got and we will fix them as soon as possible.
• You can now have your own list of custom items (folders, files) which you want to be deleted during cleanup.
• Full 64 bit operating system support.
• All supported programs (plugins) was revisited. Added support for many new programs. Our team working to add much more in next few monthes!
• Added cleaning option to use algorithm of Microsoft (SDelete).
• Tray agent got great improvement, it can now clean garbage automatically in selected program when you close that program, and much more!
• Date of release: 4 November 2013.

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