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What's new in version 2013.73?

• Translation into french language has been improved.
• New translation of the program interface into ukrainian language.
• Fixed minor problem. Some words in many languages take more space than english original. That's why we reduced size of the texts in the program settings and in the list. Now text is smaller, but you can see complete phrase without truncation.
• We also improved installation procedure which have new translations: ukrainian language and danish language. And it will not create link in the the menu which asking you to help us with translations.
• Improved cleaning of log files in CamFrogVideoChat.
• Added support for CuteFTP 9.
• Added support for DownloadAcceleratorPlus 10.
• Added support for JetAudio 8.
• Added support for KMPlayer 3.
• Added support for IrfanView 4.
• Added support for Picasa 3.
• Added support for future version of Chrome 32, which will be released by Google shortly.
• Date of release: 19 November 2013.

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