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What's new in version 2013.99?

• New function - you can now hide any program from the list!
We have added feature so you can completely remove any program from the cleaning list and you wont see it again. And our program will never detect it again. How to use? In the advanced list you'll see link "Options" located on the right side of the program title. Click it and you'll be able to remove selected program from the cleaning list. Of cause you can cancel change by clicking button to restore defaults.
• We also added Christmas tree to the background of the program to make some feeling of Christmas. But if you don't like it, don't worry, it will be removed after few weeks. Or you can disable background image now in the program preferences.
• Added hungarian translation.
• Added polish translation.
• Added danish translation.
• Fixed error: progress bar indicator was blocked in some cases.
• Installation procedure was also updated: added polish and hungarian language, and french translation was corrected.
• Added support for GoogleToolbar 7 for Internet Explorer.
• Added support for YahooToolbar 9.
• Added support for AlexaToobar 11.
• Added support for AOLToobar 5.
• Added support for AVGSafeguardToolbar 17.
• Added support for ASKToobar 21.
• Added support for FireFox 27 (future version).
• Date of release: 19 December 2013.

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