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What's new in version 2014.00?

• This update will change version number of our program. May be you didn't noticed, but today is a first day of a new year, so - Happy new year, friends! This update also includes minor improvements which will extend cleaning.
• Improved cleaning in Windows Vista
• Improved cleaning in K-Lite MediaPlayer 1 (MegaPack version 10)
• Improved cleaning in Firegraphic 11
• Improved cleaning in Viber 3
• Added support for FullPlayer 6, 7 and 8
• Added support for VLC Player 2
• Added support for Umplayer 0.98
• Added support for LastPass 3
• Added support for WinAmp 5
• Added support for Opera 19 (future version)
• Added support for Java 7
• Added support for DIVX player 11
• Added support for WinZip 18
• Date of release: 1 January 2014.

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