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Duplicate File Finder

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05 July 2020: Interface improvement and few bug fixes

Duplicate File Finder

Finds duplicate files even with one pixel difference

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Finds duplicate pictures and videos

This app does what it named for. You can choose any folder on your hard drive, or use standard user folders and our app will deeply analyze content of selected folder for duplicates. It will take just few seconds. Files will be compared by MD5 hashing algorithm, which mean that they will be compared by content, not by name. Then, using our convenient user interface you can view duplicates and delete those which you dont want.
How to activate Duplicate File Finder?

Convenient user interface

We pay a lot of attention to the user interface because sometimes amount of duplicate files may be really huge. First, you can turn on and off groups - we split files into groups: large, medium and small files. Then, you can review each duplicate file, to be sure that you wont delete anything important (you can view it using default viewer or Notepad). Or open location of the file in Windows Explorer and make any other operation with it. You can delete files into Recycle Bin, so you can restore any deleted duplicate later in a very convenient way. And the last important thing - our app can remember scan results between sessions, so you wont need to scan again and again wasting your time.

Clean your Windows OS

You even cannot emagine how many duplicate files created on your computer every day! For example, on our test computer running Windows 10 we found 23% of duplicate files in the system folder, wasting over 1 Gigabyte of disk space. Just think - every 4th file have a duplicate on your hard drive! Mostly these were files related to Windows update service, which is working every day. Sure, some of them can be safely removed, some is not. Please be careful when checking in the system folders.

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Regular updates

We're moving ahead with the world's progress and you will receive updates for this software to stay up-to-date. Update process is automatic and in background, no need to worry.

Trust and Awards

Our software has received multiple awards from world known rating agencies and bloggers. This is trust and reliability. We have been in business since 2002, that's why we have not just knowledge, but also a lot of experience.

Fast Support

Sometimes something goes not as expected. But don't worry, according our statistics, our support team responds to 90% of requests within one hour! Other 10% get response within six to twelve hours.

Strong Security

Security and privacy is our main goal. We use only newest and industry leading standards and protocols to process user's data. With us you're and your data in safe.

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