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What to do if some zone have cleaning issues?

In rare cases you can see yellow exclamation point over some application or message that there were some issues cleaning in some zone. If you click "Issues" link you can see screen which is similar like below, where our app says that it fails to delete some items, and you can see full listing in the "Issues" section:

So, what does it mean?
Should you worry about that?

No, you should not worry. It's normal. And, in most cases, you should ignore these messages.

When some application like system driver or, for example, antivirus runs on your computer it, usually, runs all the time. During it's work application can create files. Some files are used all the time and locked. And, as you know, locked files cannot be deleted.

When our app finds such locked file - an issue occurs, usually with message like "not enough permissions" or "access denied". This is normal, because the file is used by some running application right now and cannot be accessed or deleted.

These locked files are usually technical modules of running drivers or antivirus. Its a part of executable process of that apps and normally you should not delete executable part of an app. For example, if you delete locked file of keyboard driver your keyboard will stop working correctly or loose part of it's functionality.

These warning messages is just for your information, for advanced users. We recommend to ignore them, as anyway we can do nothing about it until the locked file is unblocked by it's parent application.

You can enable additional option in the Preferences of our to add all files with issues to the exclusion list. It will help keep interface of our app clean, without any warnings.

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