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What database means?

If you will visit "Settings" area of our app you will find "Database" section. In this article we will explain what does it mean.

Our app can clean garbage in many zones (areas) located everywhere on your computer: inside the Windows OS, built-in apps and many third-party apps that you can download from the Store or from the Internet.

For example, Edge browser has over 100 zones that our app can clean. Each zone has it's own location on the disk and it's own purpose. And, as a result, it stores it's own unique type of garbage. You can view list of all zones that our app can clean by clicking button "Advanced screen" on the main screen of our app. You can select or unselect each zone individually.

Our database has several thousands possible zones in hundreds of apps. But not all of them you have installed. If you will install third-party app that is supported you will see it's title on the "Advanced screen".

If you don't see some app on the "Advanced screen" - that means that the app will not be cleaned, we don't support it yet, it's not in our database. But don't worry, it's not permanent - you can send us a message and we will add your app with the next update.

Database means list of all zones in many third-party apps that our own software can clean. Only some of them will be available to you because you don't have all supported apps installed.

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