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How system restore feature violates your privacy?

Many of you even don't know that Windows OS comes with a special feature called "System Restore". In short, it helps recover your computer in case of any damage caused by third-party software. It can recover registry, system files and... now hold your breath... it can recover even user files and documents. Sounds good for user-protection tool, but note that recovery in this tool is not a recovery of deleted files, its a copy of files to special storage place and then copy them back, if needed. This is what they call "recovery" - files are copied to other place and then back.

In our researches we found that function of system recovery can copy almost anything to it's storage. Of cause it copies registry and system files. But we saw that it also copies user files, documents, from Desktop and from other places. Not all user files, but some of them, it depends on many conditions. And it can store "backup" copies for a long time.

How it violates my privacy?

Many of your personal files may be already copied to the storage. Also, may be copied databases of your browser, history or cookies (before you cleaned up your browser). Especially we worry about hundreds of databases of other apps that could be already cached into system restore storage.

Is it safe to disable "System Restore"?

If you don't know what is it, or never use it before, probably you will never use it in the future. Windows OS can work with system restore turned off just fine, so it is safe to disable it. Also, our experience says that system restore was useless in many cases, so we don't use it in our office. It saves some disk space and improves computer perfomance.

How to disable "System Restore"?

First, open Control Panel, section System

Scroll down to "About" section and click link "System info"

In a new window click "System protection" link

Click "System protection" tab and click "Configure"

And this is final stage - click on and off to turn on and off function of system restore


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