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24 November 2023: New function for quick management

How to delete multiple duplicates at once? Not one by one?

When our app done searching you will see a "Report" screen. It contains list of duplicates (samples). But you don't see Delete button there. That's right, no mistake here.

On the "Report" screen you see just samples, like picture of cat has 2 duplicates, picture of dog 7 duplicates and so on. You will need to click each line twice to open second screen "Individual report" for each specific duplicate. And there you will find "Delete" button which will allow you to delete files in bulk!

We cannot create "Delete" button on the main "Report" screen because we don't know which duplicate is an original and which is just a copy. For our app all these files are completely identical. At least one you should keep, but we don't know which one.

So, you will have to click each line with duplicate and choose which file to delete and which one to keep. For example, picture of dog has 7 duplicates, you will need to double click it in the main report, and then, on the second screen, choose which copy you want to keep, and which copies you want to remove. Luckily, there is a button for mass deletion!

Unfortunately, computer cannot do this work for you because its a human choice.

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★ How to delete multiple duplicates at once? Not one by one?
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