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24 November 2023: New function for quick management

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2022, December 7 • Duplicate File Finder 2212.00

SHA1 digest replaced by SHA256

With this update we are removing SHA1 code signing certificate from our executables. The SHA1 digest was deprecated by Microsoft many years ago. We keept it after that for many more years just to support old operating systems.

From now on our code will be signed by modern SHA256 only. Thus, legacy systems, such as Windows 7 and earlier will see "unsigned executable" warning, because they don't recognize newest SHA256.

You may still use our app, just click "yes" or "approve" to continue. Just a warning message on a legacy systems will change from normal blue to yellow warning.

This change is related to legacy system only, such as Windows 7 and earlier. Windows 10 and 11 users will not be affected.

Please accept our apologies, but we need to move forward, we can't stay with old digest in code signing forever. For those who worry about security - you can right click our file, select Properties, select digital signatures, and you will see that the code signing certificate is valid.

List of changes in previous versions

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