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20 March: Reorganization of programs

In the next few months we will be reorganizing all our programs with a new code. This will bring modern look to all programs and this will help us to support latest technologies. There is no estimated date, but continue...

26 December: Happy New Year!

Thank you for being loyal users of our programs and our team would like to congratulate you with a New Year! We look forward to serving you in 2019, making updates for our programs, which will do a good continue...

25 August: Schedule of updates

For period Autumn 2018 - Summer 2019 we will work with the following schedule of updates for our programs: WIPE will be updated every month; SECRET_DISK will be updated every 3 months; PREVENT_RESTORE will be updated every 3 months; SAFE_STARTUP will be updated continue...

Earlier, in the news...

05 December 2017Christmas will change a lot of things!
12 November 2017Big changes just one month away!
08 September 2017We're preparing big change
13 December 2016Discounts increased!
18 September 2016Quality improved
16 December 2015Added two new security algorithm
02 September 2015Secret Disk got new look (restyling)
28 July 2015All ready for Windows 10!
04 March 2015Lifetime license with 60% discount!
02 January 2015Secret Disk: hot key F12
22 September 2014Secret Disk: displays size of the disk
02 September 2014Try new program: Safe Startup
15 July 2014Know if someone spying on you
22 May 2014New function: password under pressure
11 April 2014Secret Disk: you can disable PIN code
31 March 2014WIPE: Added support for office programs
10 March 2014Interface of Secret Disk was simplified
31 January 2014WIPE supports 7 new browsers
20 January 2014Bug fixed in WIPE
08 January 2014Secret Disk got small update
01 January 2014Happy New WIPE 2014!
19 December 2013WIPE last release in 2013
14 December 2013Control of promo-actions
03 December 2013Tuning of language for Prevent Restore
20 November 2013WIPE now have more translations
13 November 2013Secret Disk got another visual indicator
11 November 2013Discount system and few other updates
08 November 2013Official, stable release of WIPE program
31 October 2013Completely new WIPE for beta testing
27 August 2013Preparing new version of WIPE
05 July 2013New version of Secret Disk 2.04 - translation updated
09 May 2013Completely new Prevent Restore
26 April 2013Priority support for PRO customers
25 April 2013Secret Disk got PIN code protection
15 April 2013All products will be signed by digital certificate
17 March 2013New "Secret Disk" in beta testing
28 February 2013February 2013: What's new?
19 February 2013We're looking for translators and volunteers

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